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collective housing

housing HR


project year: 2018

client: PRIVATE

architect in charge: ŽIGA KREŠEVIČ, M.A.

scope of work: CONCEPTUAL DESIGN,


A new construction of a ten apartment with an associated external, traffic and communal arrangement and an underground parking garage with associated storage and technical surfaces is foreseen.


The above-ground volume of the building is divided into four lamellas, which are interconnected in two functional pairs, which, with shifts in the horizontal direction, adjust to the small-scale building typical of the immediate surroundings. Lamella A + B and lamella C + D are connected through a vertical core to a functional whole.


Apart from the displacement of parts of the building in a horizontal direction, the building is also displaced in the vertical direction. Lamellas C and D are both raised by about 2 m (height difference between the grounbdfloor level of A-B and C-D lamella-pairs), thus ensuring that the facility is adapted to the configuration of the terrain. Height of the lamella A follows the height of the building on the north side of the Hradeckega street with three floors, which ensures enough solar radiation to the object vis-a-vis. Lamella B is increased by one floor in accordance with the configuration of the terrain and has four levels. Lamellas C and D also have four floors.

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